Litigation can be a frightening process but having a considerate and caring legal representation can help support the process without feeling intimidated or burdened.


Making a Will can be very difficult and involves key decisions however, not making a Will is infinitely worse. The people who suffer if a Will has not been made, are the ones we love and who are left behind.


We strive to make transactions easy and simplified and advise our clients within an easy format, devoid of complicated legal jargon so they are fully aware of what is happening and are in control of all developments.


With every aspect of Family Law, the prerequisite for any situation is the appropriate scenario for family members to openly discuss the problems and/or concerns and in order to pursue the right and appropriate course of legal action.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

Child Care Proceedings

If Social Services have informed you that they are not happy with the care that you are giving your children, we can help you.